“You look happy,” said Irene when she finally noticed Marks broad smile. They were cataloging new albums for the international display. “You’re not usually like that.”

“I had a dream. A good one.”

“Okay then. Tell me. But if it’s boring, I’ll punish you with sarcastic remarks.”

“That’s okay, I won’t tell you anything.”

“Hey, come on,” said Monica all the way from the cash register, “Now you have to say it. I bet there’s deep symbolism to this dream.”

“Unless it was one of those sex dreams,” said Eric.

“It wasn’t like that,” said Mark. “I fell in love with a dream. I dreamed of a girl and I fell in love. Her name was Zelda.”

“What about your wife?” Irene asked.

“I still love her. This is different. It was a dream. It’s not real. I mean the person is not real, but the in-love part is.”

“Yeah, you look really happy,” said Monica. “You’re beaming.”

They went about their day until lunchtime. Mark was having a sandwich and Monica came over.

“So what did this Zelda look like?”

“She was kind of…” he paused, trying to recall.

“Just don’t make it up,” said Monica.

“No, it’s not that. I don’t really remember. It was not a physical kind of experience. We connected on a spiritual level, you know? I mean, she was not a beautiful girl. Just average, But lovely. She really understood me.”

“What about your wife?” said Eric.

“She understands me too. I mean nothing’s changed here.”

“I don’t wanna get married,” said Irene, “I don’t want my man to cheat on me when he sleeps.”

“There was a moment in the dream,” said Mark, “When we got separated. Zelda and me. And you know? There was all this nightmare stuff I had to wade through to get back to her. When I finally found her, I grabbed hold of her and said ‘I thought I’d never see you again,’ and she said ‘So did I’ and we kissed. It made me so happy. I spent the whole morning saying her name under my breath.”

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