World of Ruin

Stuck to the cold coffee, Jack was waiting for Jill to come back. He raised his eyes at the shy barista with a pimply face, then to the wall of fame, with pictures of jazz musicians and basketball players. Then he looked across the street.

The shopfront was a dance school. A muscular man was standing outside, texting on his phone. Soon, another man joined him. A muscular man in a white t-shirt. They exchanged silent nods, acknowledged each other’s presence and attested to each other’s invincibility. A few more men joined the crowd gradually.

Finally, the dance school front door opened slowly and a slim girl came out. She gave a quick kiss to one of the muscular men and left with him. Two more girls appeared, saying cheerful goodbyes and pairing up with their men. Soon, all the men were gone with their girls.

Shortly after, Jill emerged. She was not as slim and not as pretty as the other girls. She would soon start complaining about the other women in the class and how shallow they were. Or how unwilling to complain she was, how she was a different species altogether. He sighed, looked at the shy barista one more time before he went out into the street to meet his love.

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