Where Is My Mind (The Real Story)

The real story is too scary to tell, so let us assume that Mark was sitting at a cafe with two girls. One was pale with black hair, and the other was a warm-looking redhead. They were both dangerously attractive, way too attractive for Mark. They were all a boy could expect to get and more. They were also best friends, and both in love with him. Finally, they were mutually exclusive. One was the night, the other was the day, and he could love them both, but he had to choose.

“College begins soon,” he said.

The night lifted her pretty eyes from above the milkshake, still keeping the straw between her lips. She looked playful and defiant.

The day smiled a sad smile as if she knew no outcome could be considered good.

“I didn’t get in,” Mark said.

“So it’s up to you what you will do with next year,” said the night, “You can make your dreams come true. You are free.”

The day remained silent and sad. Mark nodded at her. Then the night put her hand on his arm. “I will be going to Michigan. I won’t be seeing you anymore, Mark,” she said.

He looked at the day again, she had tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Mark,” she said, “I will be going to Princeton. You cannot go with me.”

“What?” he said. “But this is not how it’s supposed to be. I was supposed to choose one of you and be happy.”

The night laughed. The day started crying silently. The waiter came: “Your bill, sir.”

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