Where Do Books Go When They Die?

Jim was walking down the street with a half-open book in his hand. He had been reading it on the subway and he wanted to keep reading on the bus. It was just a five-minute walk away, so he just put one finger between the pages and marched on.

He broke off as the husband and wife were going to sleep, having argued. She said “Night” and he replied “See you in the morning.” There was so much positive energy in this little thing. Jim never said “See you in the morning” to his wife. If he started now, would she like it? He thought of Bessie, who loaned him the book and wondered what it would be like to fall asleep next to her.

As he crossed the street, Jim thought to himself:

“What if I died with this book in my hand? Would the ambulance crew wonder what it was? Would one of them read the title after he “called it?” Where would they take it afterwards? Would my wife get it back with my personal effects?

“No, it would be a real shame if I died carrying this book, because Bessie would never get it back.”

…and then he was killed by a speeding truck. No, just kidding, he was not.

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