What’s On?

Okay, so TV was no good. Reruns of Friends, Dancing with the Stars, some nature show, some fake history show, pregnant teens set on fire or something. Facebook was full of updates, no time to look at all of them. Thousands of unread email in my inbox. I scrolled down a page full of cat photos. Maybe some porn? Maybe later, when I’m ready to go to sleep.

I remembered a vast grassy field, except the grass was last year’s. There was some snow, almost melted though. The sky was a heavy, dull gray. The wind was almost warm, spring was coming. The girl was in front of me, dressed in black, a black scarf. She was pale and sad, I had told her it was over, and she requested one more meeting.

She was wearing a silver necklace. She did not like it when I got it for her. She never wore it, even though it cost me all my money. She put it on for the meeting, but it was too late for her to convince me. I wondered if I was sadder than her.

My room was stale and rank. Perhaps I should open the window. Oh, wait. I remembered. I was just a brain in a jar. Well, nothing else to do, let’s check out what’s on.

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