Wash It Down

She had to drink a lot to get all those pills down. She had never tried to swallow so many pills at once, a full bottle. She knew it would be tough, so she poured herself a big tumbler glass of water and divided the pills into small portions. It took her a good few minutes to swallow all of them.

She gagged a lot in the process, too. “Come on, body,” she thought, “I am no trying to hurt you. It’s going to be okay.”

When she was done, she sat on the sofa. Nothing left but wait, so she turned on the TV and started browsing YouTube videos. She came across the one that gave her the idea. James Randy swallowing a whole bunch of homeopathic pills to prove they have no effect. She smiled. Being in the same league as James Randy. Cool.

She felt drowsy, so she lay her head on the arm rest.

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