Phil was more confident than his usual self, joking all the time and maybe even flirting a bit. And the girls at the office must have taken notice.

He was about to leave, but still chit-chatting, he said: “I have this theory, you see. Women, especially beautiful women, are more boring than men. That’s because they don’t really have to talk their way in or out of situations. They are just there, they are pretty, they are pleasant to be with, and people appreciate them just for that.”

“That’s some theory, mister,” said Tracy not even looking up from her computer.

“Yeah, did you read that on the Internet?” said Velma.

Dora looked at him briefly, but did not say anything. Her desk was strewn with things that reminded her of the many adventures and travels she had. There was a picture of her on a snowy mountain, a volcanic rock from across the Ocean, and a tribal amulet from God knows where.

“See,” said Phil, “Not one witty retort, not one funny comment, nothing. Just proves my theory.”

“You’re a dope,” said Dora, laughing.

Phil decided it was a good time to leave, so he said goodbye, but noticed as he was walking away that Dora’s cheeks were rosier than usual, and there was a flicker of joy in her eye. Did she like what he said about her, or was she just charming, as always?

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