Under My Boots

I kicked the guy’s teeth in. He hit the floor. He must have passed out before he did, though, because he fell like a rag doll. I turned to the other one.

“You thinking of something?”

“No, man.”

“You want to get some.”

“No, man,” he raised his hands in a defensive gesture. It was a soothing sight.

“Then fuck off.”

He started to scuttle away.

“Hey,” I shouted, “You better take your friend. Take this piece of shit out of here. He’s bleeding all over the playground. There’s gonna be kids here in a couple of hours.”

He tried to pick the guy up and that made me angry, so I kicked him in the head. He fell into the sandbox.

“Fucking fatass,” I was raging, “You should seriously consider salads, you fat fuck. And another thing…”

He was squirming with pain, so I did not finish. I was just hoping more stuff like that was going to happen before the sun rose. I was a vampire of the night. Scary. I was young.

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