Two Sides of the Story


First time I saw her, I thought she had the cutest brown eyes. I also thought she must get a lot of attention and have a lot of friends. Then, when I talked to her, I realized that even though she enjoys company, she can also make it as though she is just with me, nobody else.

Nevertheless, it took a lot of courage for me to ask her out. I wanted to take her out to a restaurant, but I was so nervous that I forgot to make a reservation so we ended up wandering from place to place until we wound up in a crummy old joint with no air and nothing good to eat. Luckily, we laughed all the time.

Then we walked some more and I did not feel like saying goodbye, so I walked her down my street, to the corner and showed her my window. She took my hand and said “Okay, let’s go up.”

Before that night, I imagined she was probably an inconsiderate lover.


I was surprised when he first asked me out. I thought he had no interest in me. I was flattered, only I thought he did not really care. Probably somebody cancelled something (he was always doing something) and he was bored.

When he kept taking me from restaurant to restaurant, it made me even more convinced he did not care. Frankly, I was never used to this kind of treatment. Guys usually acted like I was a princess. And then we got a table in an artsy type of place. It was warm and cozy, and there were these amazing sculptures and paintings on the walls.

And he was suddenly so charming and full of energy. He made me laugh so hard!

Then we walked around the town and I saw every place with new eyes. His eyes. He made me feel so grown up and so magical at the same time. It was the wierdest feeling of all. Then he took me to his place and I thought I was already in love.

I miss him every night.

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