Two Poets

It was poetry reading night at Dragon Circus Cafe, so Natalie took her new boyfriend, Mark. He was never much into poetry, he spent most of his time working at the garage, and after work he was too tired. But it is never too late to start getting interested, right?

They sat in the corner and listened to a few poets. A girl in a huge sweater, a skinny boy covered in tattoos, a girl in a t-shirt with large white letters saying “IRREGADLESS” on the front. Then Jeff appeared on stage. He saw Natalie, and he saw the new boyfriend, Mark. Mark seemed uninterested, and Natalie seemed mysterious in compelling as usual.

Jeff folded up the paper he had ready and put it in the pocket. He would improvise tonight.

Paranoid and dejected

I climb the wall of you,

Just to wake alone.

The morning hates me

With searing dead sunlight

And soggy cereal with cold milk.

The day is long and pointless,

So I scramble into my car

And make the drive

To a room filled with hipsters

Smoking carrots

Dreaming of making it big

And there you are,

Real as life,

With a lowlife dick

Not worth shit

But you would rather fuck him

Than love me.

You are a whore, Natalie.

The room responded with silence. The people who knew Natalie looked back at her. She turned red and hid her face in her hands.

Mark put an arm around her, but would not get consoled. She was rock solid, cut off from the world. He only hesitated a second, an then walked up to the stage, took the spot made free when Jeff re-merged with the crowd. Mark would improvise as well.

All the while you were writing this poem,

I was jacking off on your mom’s tits.

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