Train Station

I was at a train station in a place I hardly knew, far away from home. The building was an old brick one, probably from back in the days of Civil War, with a nice little outdoor cafe. As I was walking past the tables and making brief eye contact with the people waiting for their trains, I notices a beautiful face which I had not seen in years.

I waved slightly to get her attention. She noticed me and recognition flickered in her eye. So I approached her with a smile.

“Kate, so good to see you.”

“Hello, Dave,” she was holding a menu, “Want to have some salad and talk away the time before the train comes?” She was friendly and inviting. She was still in her twenties, had long red hair and a small face. She was stunning. I had my suitcase by my side, and suddenly became very awkward with it. I also chose the wrong thing to say in response.

“No, thanks. I’m not hungry at all.”

So I stood there, instead of joining her at the table, saw her eyes becoming sad for a second before she restored her womanly control over the situation. Then I heard a familiar voice placing an order. The man was at the very next table.

“Dave,” I called out to him, he had the same name as me. He looked at me with disapproval, but then smiled. I introduced them to each other and watched my chances for a nice long conversation with a beautiful woman one on one sink like the Titanic.

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