Tommy the Glutton

I remember Tommy from high school. He was very skinny and weak; there was no fat or muscle on his pale body and his eyes were much too large. Everybody thought Tommy was a geek, he was boring, but he had good grades.

I would like Tommy to have succeeded. I wish he set up his own company like Bill Gates and became a millionaire, or changed the world with the power of his mind. But I met him a few years ago when I was meeting some customers in San Francisco. He was a data entry guy at their downtown office.

We did not talk much, but we became friends on Facebook. Every day I can see him posting links to tech news, scientific discoveries (microbes on Mars!), and advice for entrepreneurs. I can imagine him, hunched over his laptop, pale blue light on his face, large eyes open wide, gorging down all this useless information. And his mind just gets more and more bloated every day until it cannot move it anymore.

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