The World of Tomorrow

I am a bit drowsy before I have my morning 72 coffees, so please bear with me. I will tell you about the world in 3017.

In the future, everything is bigger and better, because we have the technology to make it so. I live in a billion square foot house, I have 1.5 million bedrooms. I used only one, but I have the option. This is due to space compression.

I am happily married with 6.7 trillion women and we have 73e12 children. That’s a lot of school lunches, but we manage somehow. Every morning smells of pancakes and my wives put apples and peanut butter sandwiches into metal boxes with comic book characters printed on the sides. The boxes have a durability of 3.7 parsecs, so pretty sturdy.

When I was 1232345432345675654 years young, I fell in love with a beautiful girl and we had our first kiss by the water tower. Then she broke my three hearts. I wish my sons don’t make the same mistake, so I try to make them gay. I hope they don’t get hanged for trying to get married too many times, though.

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