The Syndrome

The hospital room was dark and the wife was standing by the husband’s bedside. She had an irritated look on her face.

“Where is this doctor?”

The doctor walked in.

“Good evening, my name is doctor Cooper and I have your results. I am afraid I have some bad news.”

The wife rolled her eyes.

“What is it, doctor?” said the husband.

“You have TPS. Titanic Penis Syndrome.”

“What is that?” asked the husband.

“Your record shows it clearly. First Jessica in high school, then Melodie. Then in college it was Mary, Jennifer and… Colette. Then Barbara, you were engaged, and now your wife, Bethany. All share the same genetic and psychological makeup.”

The wife, Bethany, rolled her eyes again and checked her D&G watch.

The husband nodded his head and said: “Give it to me straight, doctor. Titanic Penis Syndrome… What does it mean?”

“Your penis always hits the iceberg,” said the doctor.

…aaaand, scene.

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