The Storms

Anyone catch the storms this morning? Ugh, they were amazing!

I woke up to the beautiful sound of rain and thunderclap. It was so nice after the heatwave we’ve been having. I mean, just the night before each gust of wind felt like a blow from a hair dryer. But this morning? Nice and cool.

When the rain eased off a little, I stepped out to get some sweet rolls to have with my morning coffee. The street was full of the usual people on their way to work and so on. But they all looked a little relieved because of the rain and the cool air. The wind.

The wind was getting stronger. I got my things from the bakery and when I got back out, the wind was really strong. So strong, I decided I need to get home really fast. I ran.

But the wind was too strong, it made me fall. People were falling all around me, and then the wind got even stronger, lifting us all into the air.

It lifted us out of our regular lives, so to speak. Lifted tired men from their boring trips to their crappy jobs. Lifted mothers from their demanding children. Lifted children from their mothers who stood in the way of happiness and sweets and ice cream. It lifted us all high above the city that was built for us, but also not specifically for us.

We danced above the buildings, spinning with the wind. We screamed our primal scream, but not of fear. Of joy! Being liberated and lifted like this was a first for, I think, all of us.

And then the wind separated us even more. Separated me from my food items. Separated some lady from her purse and earrings. Separated a man from his briefcase. Separated us from our clothes. We danced in the sky naked.

The separation did not stop there. The wind continued fragmenting us into our limbs and torsos. Fingers flew away from hands, toes flew away from feet. Heads floated around screaming and laughing. I think that lasted forever.

But then the wind did the most wonderful thing you could imagine. It brought us back together again, all of us. All our limbs, and bones and skins and cells and hearts and eyeballs and everything. For the first time in human history, we were united. A huge mass of life high in the air, dancing above the empty city.

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