The State

In Brainesia life was not always easy. The country used to be just like any other place in the world and people’s lives were just ordinary. But then it turned out two factions were becoming more and more prominent, the Scientists, and the Godists.

The Scientists worked on technology, building better transportation, renewable energy plants, ecological farms, genetic engineerings, bridges into outer space, and more. Their mission was to improve the quality of life and bring a better understanding of everything.

The Godists focused on people’s hearts and minds, on their personal development. They believed there was more to life than just the body and the environment, and so they invested in the spirit. They also believed a creature (or multiple creatures) known as God was the cause and purpose of everything.

Pretty soon, other factions no longer mattered, and everything in the country was about Scientists and Godists. The Childers had to close down their kindergartens due to lack of funding, the Putrefactionists died of going cold turkey in their clubs and hotels, the Liars were no longer elected or asked to represent in the court of law, the Fireists all burned away. In the end, everyone was either a Scientist, or a Godist, or a double agent, or a triple agent posing as a double agent, and so on.

It was clear that one of the factions is right and the other is wrong, so wars and propaganda started. One side accused the other of dehumanizing, causing conflict, alienating, and lying. In the end, the Godists took on a scientific point of view and the Scientists became worshipers of a giant petrified earthworm and were later wiped out in a great massacre.

It took the state years to rebuild after the last and final war, but when they did, they changed the name of the country to Brainesia and a reign of Rationalism began.

Quickly, they realized moral law is not rational, because in order to have a moral law, you need a Moral Law Giver (one of the original doctrines of the faction), so the law became a set of arbitrary rules that nobody really believed and there was nothing to stop people from murdering or fucking each other in the streets. Carnage and orgies ensued, and often carnage orgies.

The United Nations Organization ran a quick poll among their citizens, asking which country they would most like to live in. Millions of pairs of thumbs voted on their mobile phones, and the results were conclusive: everybody liked the Brainesian way of life. So Brainesia won everything and they lived happily ever after, until the petrified earthworm came to life and ate them all.

The End

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