The Place Part 7

I read this theory about density shifting, and it puts things right with all the parallel dimensions. I mean, it didn’t make sense in the first place: 11 dimensions, or 9. Come on!

The density theory says there are five dimensions, the fifth being matter density, and thanks to that, objects can occupy the same space. There is enough room between atoms for that to be possible, things just mesh or pass through each other.

Need I point out that places are objects too? Walls and furniture and people are objects that make up a place, so a place is a complex object.

Now, how can one travel to these other dimensions? I don’t really know, but with my wife and I it seems to be about those little rituals that you have to discover. She has a real knack for that.

I was supposed to tell you about the box, but I think the density thing was necessary to explain first. Let me tell you about the box now.

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