The Place Part 5

Carcosa! If I heard it in any other context, I would have thought it was just a place in, maybe, South America. But I heard it in the place and I knew it had to be something special. The fabled city, as I later learned.

Let me tell you all about it, but first there’s my wife. We were sitting on the porch, even though it was an unseasonably cold evening. My wife insisted, even though she’s usually the one who is cold. So we wrapped ourselves in multiple blankets and sat out there with hot cocoa.

She told me poems that came to her mind and I listened. Her poems used to scare me at first, but then we went into therapy together and I began to accept her for who she was, so I accepted the poems too.

She recited poems about a tin man who was looking for purpose in life, even though other tin men already had a purpose and he could have just used one of their purposes. The other tin men wanted to kill him, but they did not know how and that made me sad. It was a beautiful poem, albeit a little off beat.

I felt sexual attraction to my wife as we sat there, because her body was warm and soft. My wiener got hard and I felt ashamed. She did not know, or pretended not to know. She whistled the tune that first got us into the place, and then she stopped.

“I have another premonition,” she said. “I can get us into the place again, if you just trust me.”

“I always trust you,” I said.

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