The Place Part 3

My job is pretty dull, but I get to read a lot. Used to be on paper, and now it’s all electronic. I think electronic letters have their own charm, like the buzz of electrons that is behind them. I am a book fetishist, like a lot of educated people my age, but I also like electronic text.

Anyway, Andy at my work is the man who finds all these accesses to different information stores, like websites, databases, and archives. I use them to track down the information people look for. They read in an old excerpt that Prince Philip married an American girl and that made quite a splash in Rome, and they want to know which Prince Philip it was and what how the whole thing ended. They use these things in their research. I am pretty good at this.

I decided to track down any information I could about the place we visited. Have people been there before? How did they describe it? I went down a deep, deep rabbit hole, let me tell you right now.

Well, that sounds dramatic, but I did discover some interesting things.

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