The Place Part 2

It was dark and stuffy there. My wife thinks there was a giant boiler just outside the wall and I think she’s right, even though we could not see it. We heard a humming.

The light was the heavy type of red, and it made everything seem red. I think the carpet might have been red all along, just like the carpet we have in our living room, but I’m only speculating.

The place made my wife different. She was all over me. We kissed for the first time in a while and she seemed so happy. But I think I was too eager and she told me to hold my horses. She wanted to bask in the place and the redness. I let her, I hung back.

We did not get enough time in the room. I am sorry I did not get to explore the doorways that were in the room, but my wife said they might lead deeper into the place and maybe there was no going back. I love my wife so much, but I wanted to go back to normal life.

And we did. But I will tell you about the other times we went into the place and what we learned there. But most of all, who we met there and what that led to.

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