The Place Part 14

I got up in the dark to see who it was. I sneaked up to the door of the spare bedroom. The pacing was there.

I heard plates crashing in the kitchen. My wife was throwing them against the wall in anger. I would have to go into town to buy new ones in the morning. But not now.

I grabbed the handle and turned it slowly, so as not to spook the guest. I opened the door even more slowly. The bedroom was dark, the curtains had been drawn. It was pitch black, actually. But the pacing was right there in front of me.

“Hello?” I said.

The pacing stopped.

But only for a few seconds, then it resumed. I walked into the room slowly. I held my my hands out in front of me, afraid to bump into something. The pacing moved a little, and the sound changed, like they stepped off the rug onto the floor.

I followed it. It receded again.

I kept following, and it kept receding. I thought my eyes would get adjusted to the dark, but I still could not see a single thing. After a little bit I expected to reach the wall, then I could find the window and open the curtains to let the light in.

But the wall wasn’t there. The room just kept going. The pacing kept leading my deeper and deeper into it. I looked back at the door and the little bit of light it let in. It was quite far.

I turned away from the door again, got blinded by the darkness. Followed the sound of footsteps.

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