The Place Part 13

My wife and I used to spend evenings with this other couple, Greg and Lisa. We went bowling twice and to the museum once, but mostly we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. I used to think something exciting would happen one evening, but nothing ever did.

Then they started declining invitations. Maybe it had something to do with my wife’s growing sensibility and the way she reacted. Apart from getting angry quickly, she also developed opinions that were harsh-sounding for most people

And she stopped laughing at jokes. In fact, she often asked “what’s so funny”, or try to explain why the joke was not true, like she did not know it wasn’t supposed to be true.

I never really found jokes funny myself, I think. But I usually know when something is a joke, and I laugh along with the others. Helps people like me.

One night, after Greg and Lisa declined our invitation, my wife woke me in the middle of the night. She was on top of me. He hands were on my throat. I could not breathe. She was screaming something about Lisa. Screaming something in jealousy. My wiener got hard. She was disgusted. She punched me in the face and ran out of the bedroom. I heard her feet stomp angrily, as she ran down the stairs.

As I lay there, alone in the dark, I heard someone pacing in the spare bedroom. I got up to investigate.

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