The Place Part 1

We discovered a strange place. When people say “alternate dimension”… I never really knew what they meant. Dimensions are width, breadth, height… and the extra ones that physics talks about. It’s not what we found. What we found was a place. It was dark, mysterious, and we wanted to go back there.

Let me tell you about how we found our way there, and then I can tell you what it was like. The way will not work again. We tried and it only worked once. Other times we got there (if it was the same place!) we used a different way.

Whistle in the doorway, then on the porch bang the spoon on the copper pot three times, swing on your heels (tip-toe to hill and back) many, many times, and then spread your arms. Go back to the house, walk cautiously into the living room. The walk led us into this place.

It was not the same as our living room, but it was in the same place. People say “alternate dimensions”, but I don’t know what they mean.

Anyway, my wife came up with what we needed to do.

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