The Nightwatchman

The girl took a shortcut through an alley. Big mistake. Freddy was pretty horny since he was trying to kick the habit and tonight was the night he was getting laid, no matter what. He cut her off, she shrieked, a knife flashed in his hand. It could have been so pretty.

A shadow descended from the black sky. Two sharp horns. Black wings.

Freddy tried to stay tough, even though he was about to shit his pants. “Circus in town?”

The monster displayed human lips, and the lips displayed scorn. An armored fist landed on Freddy’s face. He hit the ground faster than he thought possible. A heavy boot wreaked havoc on his teeth, and then his groin. No rape tonight, that was for sure. Freddy looked up in a haze of blood and tears at the masked avenger who was picking him up from the ground, dragging him out into the street.

The girl ran up to the dark figure. “Thank you! How will I ever repay you?”

The voice from under the mask was husky, gritty. “Stay safe,” he said.

Fifteen minutes later Freddy was lying on the sidewalk, bleeding. He could make out the sound of sirens seeping through into the confusion that was his junkie brain and hoped it was an ambulance. But the police would be fine too.

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