The Feeling I Cannot Name

I have seen you so many times, and you wore so many faces. I remember you as the harpy, the valkyrie, the priestess. I will never be able to wipe your image from my mind.

Straight from the train, I went to the theatre to see you on stage. You were reclining on a simple chair, the set behind you pretending to be an all American city apartment, and the man in front of you your lover who betrayed you. Your hair was curly and golden, your lips red as the idea of red itself. You noticed me and that broke your concentration for a flicker, your blue eyes wandered to the night when we danced with each other from across the room. I could almost see the artificial stars of the club reflected in the retinae… And then you were back to the play.

I left the theatre after it was all over, into the snowy New York. I was walking towards another depressing night. Each night drawing me closer to the sad veil of nothing.

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