The End of the World

The asteroids were clearly visible during the day as well. Fragile electronics began to fail and everything became more analog for a little while. At least until the end comes.

Logan was sitting on somebody’s porch. The house was deserted. So was the main street. He was trying to remember who used to live here, but he could not. He almost did not notice the woman in the grey sweatshirt. When she got closer, he recognized her.

“Tammy? Hey, Tammy!”

“Oh my God, Logan?” she said. “So good to see you.”

“Yeah,” he gestured at the sky, “Shame it’s not in better circumstances.”

“What are you doing back in town?” she said, approaching. “Come back to say goodbye?”

“I’m all done with goodbyes. I’m ready,” he said, “My wife and I decided we had to get out of New York, the looting is pretty bad there. Actually, it’s more like hell on earth.”

“I can imagine,” she said. “Here, on the other hand, is almost deserted.”

“In wonder why,” Logan said, “People did not decide to stay. It’s such a nice play to die.”

She sat down in a rocking chair next to him. “People from the church got it pretty bad. The minister got them out of here looking for… redemption I guess.”

“Who would have thought,” he said, “They could scientifically prove there is no afterlife. And that there is no God.”

“Yeah, some people did not take it well. So where’s your wife.”

“Some marauders got her. On the road.”

“Oh my God, Logan. I’m so sorry,” and she was.

“It’s fine. She was ready to die.”

They both looked up at the sky, at the flaming pieces of rock. The world looked so peaceful, finally at ease with itself. Finally breathing deep.

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  1. Excellent story, really absorbing, couldn’t resist reading it again and then when I read it the third time… a certain change in the ending surpised me… to be honest, I prefered the previous one, but that’s the question of taste I guess. Neither this nor the two spelling mistakes I spotted can spoil the pleasure of reading it πŸ˜‰
    Well done! πŸ™‚

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