Mr. Wiletzky was a very successful man. He had a beautiful wife whom he loved very much and a mistress who made him feel young. He had two sons, Billy and Matt, whom he adored and considered his greatest achievements. Granted, he might have not spent enough time with them and maybe he was not the best role model, but he was still better than his own father.

Mr. Wiletzky was also the CEO of CyberCorp Inc., the company that put Alex Decker’s brain into a high-tech robot body with tactical software and assault weapons. Mt. Wiletzky had the best interest of the public in mind. He wanted modern technology to protect American families. So what if he could make a profit at the same time. The cause was still a worthy one.

As Mr. Wiletzky was lying in a pool of blood on the helicopter pad on top of his plaza, as life was escaping him bit by bit with every breath he took… Mr. Wiletzky… John realized something very fundamental.

He was not the protagonist.

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