The Body

Your eyes are beautiful, your smile is brilliant, and I love the way you play with your hair. You have the perfect figure, but I know your buttocks will sag. There is some extra fat here and there, and there will be more. Your skin is beginning to wrinkle.

You have birthmarks, and brown spots, and cellulite, and zits, and hairs… You scratch. You smell when you are sweaty (a wonderful sour smell) and there is sometimes dirt on your skin.

In the morning, there is puss in the corners of your eyes. Often it becomes a hard yellow grain that you remove with your finger and then eat your morning toast with the same hand.

When you get excited, a smelly gel comes out your vagina. It tastes weird and whatever is left of it dries into white flakes that are everywhere.

You get cold sores, and sometimes you get allergies. Around once a day you have to go to the bathroom and defecate, then use paper to remove the excrement. But naturally, sometimes some of it will stay.

There are viruses in your blood (the cold sores come from some of them) and bacteria. Also proteins of foreign origin and non-organic substances that you ingested which your body cannot expel. There is probably some cancerous cells growing in you as well. They are alien and immortal.

I take a step back. You smile at me. You are…

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