Studded with Souls

I remember my last moments. There was some pain, but a lot of relief. I was not alone, my children were there. It was a clear day outside, the bedsheets were white, and everyone was very understanding. Then I just slipped into sleep.

I do not believe in immortal soul, so I am surprised to be conscious. Yet, here I am in the dark. I have never seen darkness so dark before. Could this be the primal void? Are other souls around here, embedded into this black nothing like impossible gems? I try to shout out to others but I have no voice.

I cannot be the only one who prevails after death, so maybe this is my punishment. No religious texts I know predicted this accurately, unless this is how you interpret Hell being apart from God. I am apart from everything.

Was my life before this even real? I begin to question everything. I even question the flow of time. Has it been seconds since I woke up, or an eternity?

Suddenly, I gasp. I must have lungs because I am running out of air. I realize I also have arms, even though I can barely move them. I try to raise them to my face, but there is not enough room. I am stuck in a box. Encased. So these are my truly final moments: awake in a cold grave.

What comes next?

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