Spiders Are Everywhere

I was bit by a spider. It was round and chubby, all red with black spots. Quite small, but the bite was painful. I walked across the trading post to see the nurse, but she was not there. Two men were standing in front of her office, talking.

“Do you know when the nurse is going to be back?”

“Not sure,” said the taller of the men, “She did not leave a note or anything. Why, do you have an emergency?”

I was holding my wrist the entire time. I let it go now. “No. It’s just a spider bit me and I’m not sure if it’s a big deal.”

“That looks pretty bad,” said the shorter.

“It was all red. With black spots. The spider. Is that bad?”

The taller man shrugged and the shorter said “Well, you never know. There’s some pretty crazy stuff in this jungle. They say we don’t know ninety percent of the species out there.”

I looked at my wrist. It was red and swollen and the bite mark was so red it was almost black, but I had seen worse. And it did not hurt anymore. “Where is that nurse?”

The shorter man pointed and I turned around. She was making her way through the busy crowd. Her hair was golden, her plump cheeks were rosy, her skin so, so white against the dark skin of the natives. She had a mysterious smile on her face. She looked like some kind of evil angel.

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