It was the last scene of the third act. The lights came on with that theatrical buzz and the room set appeared. Jessica as Margo was standing on the other end of the table. I was sitting, my shirtsleeves rolled up, my hair a mess. It was the alcoholic stage of Dave.

“How many times do we need to go through this?” said Margo, and Jessica a little bit too.

The night before I was as drunk as Dave in the scene. The smell of cigarettes, the itch of coke in my nostrils, the sticky discomfort of my sweaty crotch, the heat. Jessica was screaming something about a girl she saw me with but I knew it was an act and she did not care as much anymore. When she was done, I started clapping. She left and my heart danced the heartbreak jig.

We moved on with the scene until we got to the part where Margo says “I doesn’t matter anyway. I will always love you,” and I knew it was going to sound weird, but somehow, it did not.

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