I hardly remember what life was like before the revolution, but I remember people in the streets shouting all day and all night, and police fighting. Then there was a lot of boring people on TV talking and talking, and I was really bored, but my uncles came and it was all they wanted to watch. When they were not watching, they were talking to my father until very late. Then one day they all left together and they are still somewhere out there. My father, too.

And then my older brother was sad because he could no longer listen to the music he liked. None of us could do the things we liked because that would make God angry. At least, that is what the new teacher at school keeps saying. I do not like her. God never used be like that, so what made him change?

Last night, there was loud thunder and bright lightning, so I went to my mom’s bedroom. She was not sleeping, she was crying. I wanted to make her stop, but she would not and I was so tired I fell asleep.

In the morning I saw it was snowing, even though it is not winter.  I rushed out to play. All the other kids are outside, except they are not playing.

The snow is dirty. It is making my fingers black.

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