He took her to a fancy restaurant on the 900th floor, the view was breathtaking. Everything was perfect, the wine, the flowers, the food. And then they were served something new. Three crustacean creatures, perfectly round and shiny. A long silver spoon on the side of the plate.

“What are they?” she asked.

“Ah, a delicacy,” he said. “Travellers brought them from a different planet. They are telepathic shrimp. The shell is impenetrable and they roll up like that because they know we want to eat them. Obviously, we couldn’t, even if we had a hammer. We cannot break the shell. We need to make them feel safe.”

“Feel safe? How?”

“The trick is to clear your mind of any intentions of eating them. Of you can make them unroll, you will see how delicious and soft their belly is.”

She nodded and smiled. Trick an innocent creature into trusting her. Did she really want that? She pondered for a minute, staring at the miraculous creatures, and almost came to a decision. But then she looked up into his eyes and saw the savage craving of a junky.

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