Running on Empty

The car rolled smooth across the desert. The landscape was immobile, only the yellow lines on the black road indicated progress. Matt was driving, the other Matt was in the front seat, and Doris was in the back, smoking a long cigarette. She had a hat on and a scarf to keep it fixed.

“That’s rule number one,” said the other Matt, “Do not insult a man in his car. So yeah, Matt. I’m sorry I called you a fag.”

“Apology accepted,” said Matt, matter of factly.

“Rule number one of what?” asked Doris.

“Rule number one of the road code. And the guy code. It’s numero uno.”

“Shit, we’re empty,” said Matt the driver.

“You’ve been saying that for the last hundred miles,” said Doris.

“Ah,” said the other Matt, “But how far can we keep going like this?”

“Seems like forever,” said Doris. She took a long drag of her cigarette. “Seems like forever to me.”

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