One of those Suicides

One time when I heard the song, I decided to kill myself. My reason was the usual feeling of inadequacy and hopelessness. I thought people around me would ACTUALLY benefit from me disappearing. Also, there was the idea of a broken heart. One’s heart is always broken, so it seems. Even if one has somebody to be with and just realizes there are other people who could be loved, but never will be.

I chose dying of thirst, which is quite unconventional. I figured I needed about three days, if I stayed away from food as well, because food is a source of moisture. I made barely it past the 16-hour mark and then I gulped down a tumbler of water with the happy thought that life is beautiful after all.

The song, the one that made me do it in the first place, had the lyrics “water never tasted so good” repeated over and over. Perhaps it was about a recovering alcoholic, or somebody who was just rescued in the desert. I do not remember. It was so long ago.

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