One of Their Breakfasts

He was already sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal. She came in and got a yogurt out of the refrigerator. She sat across the table. They ate in silence.

“I want you to move out,” he said finally.

“I have nowhere to go,” she said calmly.

“Can’t you go to him?”

“He’s got a wife and kids.”

“I don’t care. Stay with a friend.”

“Max,” she said, “I have nowhere to go. Don’t you get it?”

He was quiet for a minute. “I don’t give a fuck. Get out of my house, you whore.”

“Is this what I am to you now? A whore? After two years of marriage? You can just throw all that away because I…”

“Because you slept with another guy. I would never do this to you. And you? You keep doing this. I’m not going to take it any more.”

She put the yogurt away and knelt on the floor next to him. Her hands reached for his zipper. “Are you sure there is nothing I can do?”

“What did you do with him?” he asked.

“We left the party and got a hotel room. I sucked his cock. We took a shower together, he ate me and then we fucked on the bed.”

“Did you like his hard cock?”

“Oh yes,” she said while she undid his pants and got his penis out. “It was very hard. And bigger then yours.” She wrapped her lips around it.

They sometimes did this, but it was getting old.

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