Of Angels and Men

Every schoolchild knows the basics of cosmology. The world exists in the corpse of a dead angel. Everything that is will die and become a spirit. Spirits spend millennia developing to become angels. Eventually, the Age of Reason comes when angels live in harmony for millions of years. Alas, the Age of Brutality must come when angels fight and devour one another until there is only one left. eventually, he also dies, but as his soul leaves his body, it becomes a bright shining God who creates everything that exists.

Now, seldom does a schoolchild ask the following question: how does the Age of Brutality come about? Are angels not highly developed beings with ages upon ages of growth and harmony behind them? True, old angels are, but as the universe grows older, everything that exists must die and grow to become an angel as well. That includes rocks and trees, and planets and suns, and galaxies and black holes. There are empty, mindless things in this universe that exist only to devour and expand. They cause the great war.

Remember this lesson, it will serve you good when the exam comes. Until next time, children.

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