Of All The Cuties

I drove to her house to pick her up. At the screen door, she greeted me with a half-face ironic smile, but then turned it into a cute frown.

“Are you going to wear this shirt and no tie?”

I did not have time to reply, she pulled me into the dark bowels of the house and led me into her father’s room. There was nobody there. She rummaged through the closet, singing an Alanis Morisette song, and came back with a tie. “There, put it on.”

When I finished tying the knot, she fixed my collar and smiled a full smile of white teeth. “It looks much better.” And then she kissed me. Then again, with tongue. Things were getting hot. She pushed me back into her father’s chair and sat on top of me. She unzipped me, and then turned back to the desk, got a condom out of one of the drawers. I put it on quickly.

She helped me inside and started moving up and down, fully clothed. Faster and faster. Her mouth open next to my ear, she gave a sweet moan and was done in just a few strokes. I needed more time, but she would not give it to me. It was done. She looked at me all cat-eyed and satisfied, with a tiny smile. And then got off me, fixed her clothes. “Come on, we’re gonna be late.”

I managed to get my dick back in my pants somehow and wobbled after her.

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