Night Shadow

We were at the park at night, sitting on a small wall, waiting for nothing, looking at the stars. There were no more classes this semester, and summer was about to begin. We knew we would have to part ways soon, that these last minutes of darkness were our last chance to be together before Everything Changes. Two months is a long time.

The noise of the party was still in my head, my mind was still spinning with all the alcohol. She was calm and composed and she was my best friend.

“So what are you gonna do all summer?” I asked.

“My dad,” she said, “Wants me to help at the agency. He says it’s good to get some experience while still in college.”


“Plus Brad will be in Bedford, so I’ll get to see him more.”

“Right, he is your boyfriend,” I said. I know she looked at me but I did not look at her, I was staring at the flat green by the pond. We lay there one night, kissing. But then we both decided it was a mistake.

“Thanks for being so great to me,” she said quietly. “I’m gonna go now.”

I tore a blade of grass and threw it on the path. “Go then. You gotta get some sleep before the trip. It’s a long flight.”

“What are you gonna do?”

“I’ll just stay here a little bit.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Always be a good guy,” she whispered, and then walked away into the dark. I could see her light hair flash in the distance as she walked deeper and deeper into the shadows. It would get light again soon, but she would be long gone.

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