“Hey, welcome. What’s your name?” said the male interviewer.


“Johmmy with an m?”

“Yeah, double m actually.”

“Gotcha. Why do you think you have what it takes for this job?”

“I’m the best bass player in the world.”

The male interviewer sneered and looked at the female interviewer. “Haven’t we heard that a lot recently. Okay, Johmmy, let’s hear you play.”

Johmmy played a piece. He felt really good about it after he finished.

“Yeah, that’s pretty good,” said the male interviewer, “Why don’t you sit down and answer a few more questions.

Johmmy took the chair. He wanted to seem confident, but he knew they knew he was stressed. “Thanks. Uhm, do I get to see the band? I mean talk to them?”

“Not yet, Johmmy, you still need to talk to us first.”

“Okay, sir. What do you want to talk about.”

“Just get to know you a little, Johmmy,” said the female interviewer. “Were are you from?”

“Uhm, Massachusetts.”

“What brings you to California? Are you here to be in the movies?” asked the male interviewer.

“Yeah, no. Not really. I’m a musician, see. This guy that I know said I play really well and I should come to California. He can find me a place to live and hook me up with some gigs. So I came over here.”

“That was how long ago?”

“A couple of years, I guess. Three, maybe four.”

“So how has it been working out?”

“I, uhm, I played some gigs with some bands. Had my own project.”

“Johmmy,” said the female interviewer, “Is that you real name?”

“What do you mean? I’m Johmmy. That’s my name.”

“What I mean is, why are you called Johmmy?”

“Oh, right. I used to be Johnny, but the guy who brought me to California, he said I should be called Johmmy from now on.”

“As in: it’s better for the stage and all that?”

“No, he named me so I could be truly his.”

“I see,” said the female interviewer.

“Okay, Johmmy, we will let you know.”

“Okay, say hi to Lars from me.”

“We will, Johmmy,” said the male interviewer, smiling politely, “Bye for now.”

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