My Secret Desire


“So what are we going to watch?” somebody said. We were all taking places on three red couches a Manhattan apartment. I sat down with my girlfriend Becky, I put my arm around her. Her skin was soft.

“It’s called My Secret Desire. It’s Woody Allen’s latest.”

I looked across the coffee table at Jenny. She smiled a brilliant smile. Outside, it was a hot summer night.


“What are we watching tonight?” somebody asked as we were sitting down in the living room of a Miami home. I sat close to my girlfriend Jenny and she gave me a smooch on the cheek. I could feel her nimble energy as she did.

My Secret Desire. It’s my favorite Woody Allen movie.”

I smiled at this girl Linda, as I imagined myself slipping her panties off.


“What’s tonight’s feast?” I asked as I took my seat next to my wife Linda. She stiffened. We had a huge fight the night before.

“It’s a Woody Allen oldie,” said Tara.

“Let me guess the title,” I said and I gave her a knowing smile. She looked back at me and made a farting sound with her mouth. Outside the window, the moon set into a sea of cliches.

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