“Tell us more about Mary, Tim. Go ahead.”

“She was the kind of girl that always made you feel good. She did it mostly with her smile, but her whole way of being was like one warm smile. When I first talked to her, I made a complete fool of myself, but she just smiled through it. It was not a patronizing smile, nor an impatient one. It was sincere, because she was just there with me, in the moment. Two human beings, one a blubbering idiot, the other one understanding the circumstances completely. And forgiving. And giving a second chance. I knew I would always get a second chance with her if I did something silly, and that was important for an awkward jerk like me.”

“Yeah, you’re kind of shy. How did it go with Mary?”

“She was so lovely and caring, but the thing is she was like that with everybody. I am not saying she was a slut. The contrary, I have never heard of her being close to anybody. She was just very loving and positive, and together with whoever she was with. So to answer your original question, it went wonderfully well, just not in that way. I think we could be friends up to this day if she were still with us.”

“Oh, did she die?”

“No, she went away. Chasing a dream. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve always had dreams but never the courage to chase them. And no, her dream was not my dream. She was so different from me. She would not have been the one. I think.”

“Well then. Who were you in love with next?”

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