They were done shooting for the day, the crew were turning off the powerful lights and disconnecting a few of the millions of black cables. She was standing by the massive supporting pylon. He approached her with a smile of unmatched nonchalance.

“Hey, Donna. How did you like it today? It’s pretty standard for me. Just another day on the set.”

“Yes,” she replied, “It was really nice.”

“I have a really nice hotel room, you know? You wanna see it?”

She responded with a laugh. “No, sorry, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

As he was driving away, he said “I lost you somewhere deep inside me.”

Then he was looking out the window in his really nice hotel room. The view was the backs of some buildings, AC exhausts and well-oiled machinery.

“I could never tell,” he said, “If she was laughing because I was funny, or because she is always acting. Not in a million years.”

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