Lip Balm

I got out of the club and realized it was light outside. What time? I checked my wrist, my watch had gone missing, but I was too shitfaced to even know when or how. I stumbled down the block and stopped to lean on a red mailbox.

That is when I saw a girl on the other side of the street. She looked poor, her clothes were cheap and old. She was probably going to work, one of those people who get up early so the rest of us can sleep in. Something guys like me will never understand or appreciate. She stopped for a step and got her lip balm out of her bag. There was something calming in the way she felt she had time to stop and do that, instead of keep running.

Two seconds later, she was gone and I scrambled on to find a place where I could hail a taxi. A new day stretched before me and I knew it would be much different from her day.

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