Late Night Pictures

When I was 17, I drove Dora to the movies and we saw two sci fi flicks back to back. We sat in the back row and it was the best ever. When we were driving back, she told me about Neal Cassady who wrote a novel in two weeks, on mescalin all the time so he did not have to go to sleep.

I lived with Dora when we finished high school. We had a small apartment above a candy store at the waterfront and we fought all the time. We had a baby girl and named her Candy, but we finally split up.

I was alone and lonely, living in the apartment all by myself, so I went for a lot of walks. I was going through some books on a garage sale one time and saw “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. I read in the blurb that he wrote it in two weeks while ingesting large doses of mescalin. So she got it wrong the first time, that happens.

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