It Was Nice to Meet You

“Anyway, it was really nice to meet you,” I said, reaching my hand out.

The man shook my hand, “A pleasure,” then he took a business card out of his pocket. “Here, stay in touch.”

I smiled and gave him my card.

At least I think that is how it went. I am sitting in my office with a business card in my hand. I just finished cleaning out my wallet and I am wondering whether it should go on the “keep” or the “dump” pile.

I am not going to call him on business, he is in a completely different line. I could just say hi, how are you doing, but I do not want to and I do not think he wants to. I hesitate for two heartbeats. Later, the business card ends up in the trash along with laundry receipts, a bus ticket (what was I doing on a bus? oh, yeah, I remember) and a candy wrapper. Goodbye, Alex G. Kaufman, Sarango Exports. Goodbye forever.

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