I am a Boring Guy

I happened to me in a shopping mall when I was on a business trip a million light years from home. I stumbled into a food vendor’s, weak and weary.

“Hi, I would like to get something to eat,” I said, “But I left my wallet at the space hotel.”

“Not a problem, sir,” said the service droid, “We accept and value unique human memories. Would you like to use your memories as a currency. We will not take them away, only make copies.”

“Yes, please,” I said into the emerald rod.

“Please stand by while I scan your brain. Thank you, unfortunately, all your memories are already in our database. Please, come back if you get any new ones.”

I made a sod face, as was the custom back then, and walked away. I noticed the person behind me in the line gave me a look. It was as if he/she was saying “Your type should not leave home without a wallet.”

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