I cannot say I was not hoping for the opportunity, but also I was definitely not looking for it. Nevertheless, there she was in my hotel room, slightly drunk, with a head full of stupid ideas. We were in San Francisco on business, looking for a way into the West Coast robotics industry.

“Tomorrow after lunch, we should talk to Henderson,” she said, “This will give us an opportunity to reach his IsoDyne connection.”

“He’s going to be sleepy and vulnerable,” I said, half-jokingly and she laughed. A good sign.

“I’m a little sleepy too,” she said, rubbing her eyes, “I should go.” She paused, staring at me now. Once again, I was amazed at how bright her eyes were. “You know?” she continued, “People don’t give you enough credit. You do great work for the company.”

There was a moment of silence as we were looking at each other, trying to guess what the other person was thinking. This was not the best line I have ever seen her use, but I thought I understood her intentions. So I touched her cheek. She reacted well, as she had in the past. This time, our faces glided closer together. A kiss was coming.

But something made me feel bad, so I said: “I don’t want to be with you, or share the rest of my life with you. I just want to sleep with you.”

I knew she would react well to that, too. But I also was hoping she would know if I was being honest or not.

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