Heavy Metal

The music was dying down, the frontman was saying a final Thank you from the stage, and I was recovering from the rage of the last song.

There was not a drop of blood on my face, not a scratch on me, I was unscathed. The terror my muscles felt as adrenaline flushed over them was a sham, but that did not matter. I got what I came for.

The girl was with me, she was standing in the crowd with the other girls and the boys who lacked character. I went over to collect her and we walked outside, across the parking lot, into the van.

“You’re all sweaty,” she said, wiping my forehead with her hand as she lay on top of me.

“So are you,” I said and we locked in a kiss.

We made love slowly, to a rhythm unlike the rhythm of the night. All the aggression gone, I let her drink from the reservoir of energy I accumulated. I let her hide within my strength. We fell asleep at the break of dawn, as the whoops around us were subsiding.

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