Haunted House

You know what it is like to be young and in love. Jenny and I met during our freshman year in college. She was abstinent at first, but love dissolved the barricades of religion and upbringing and from then on all we could think about was finding a place to do it. And when we did, we kept looking for more places. It was a really happy time for my genitals.

One Halloween, we decided to sneak into an old abandoned house.

“They say the old lady who lived here,” said Jerry, “Was a devil worshiper. She ran a school for young ladies, you know, the kind where they learn to drink tea and sit straight. They say some of the girls went missing and were never found. The old lady was finally committed to an asylum.”

We played some music, drank some beers, and then spread out into rooms. We were three couples and Jerry.

When Jenny and I were getting hot together, I suddenly felt a strange presence. I looked up, but there was nobody there.

“What is it?” said Jenny.

“Nothing,” I replied and got back to kissing her.

Then I felt somebody tap me on the shoulder. I looked up. It was a ghost of a giant octopus. At that time, I had not seen enough hentai to know where that was going.

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